Welcome to the official website of The Network of Mobile Election Monitors of Nigeria (NMEM). This a non-partisan non-profit project coordinated by Human Emancipation Lead Project. The project goal is to involve Nigerians with mobile phones to monitor the forth coming Nigerian presidential election through SMS to ensure impartial elections.


“Mobile phone serves communication. Communication serves humanity. Humanity serves change”. This assertion by Mobile Software-global network of people, tools, projects and resources focused on the use of mobile phones for activism, campaigns and civic engagement, forms the basis of this project. GSM access has so far reach virtually

every nooks and crannies of Nigeria from Sahara regions of the north to the mangroves of the Niger Delta. With over 30 million active subscribers on the tree major networks , mobile phones have prove to be the most pervasive communication technology so far in Nigeria, much more than internet and electronic media.

In addition, mobile phones are a highly personal means of communication that reaches the target constituent directly and immediately .Mobile phones are therefore, tools to engage, organize, mobilize and inform people. This project is offering Nigerians a platform to ensure impartial elections. This shall provide a true mix of data on the election activities from the ruling party, opposition parties, INEC officials, other monitoring group and the general public. Result from this project shall be sent to the central coordinating committee at the Transition Monitoring Group and other INEC accredited international monitoring groups.

Key facts for Mobile phone Election Monitoring

  • Nigeria has over 30 million mobile users
  • INEC registered 60 million voters
  • The growing infrastructure in even highly remote, rural and volatile locations e.g The Niger Delta region makes mobile phones an accessible and effective means of monitoring the electoral process in such areas.
  • Mobiles are a highly personal means of communication that reaches the target constituent directly and immediately.
  • Mobiles are small and highly portable, and are hence accessible when on the move and in less secure environments.
  • Mobiles allow for texting, increasingly have multi-media support with built-in still and video cameras, can carry games, music, ringtones, and data.
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